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Orthotic Therapy

Orthotics or "Foot Orthosis" are a specific medical device that are designed to help support the foot and assist in better foot posture. This is done to achieve one of the following: 

Control foot and leg alignment

Reduce foot and lower limb pain

Assist rehabilitation

Deflate or accommodate for foot deformity

Increase mobility

Support and assist with foot or lower limb injuries

Two types of Foot Orthosis

Prefabricated orthotics

Pre-made devices that are often prescribed for short-term use or for non-complex clinical presentations. They are designed with a generic arch support and are fitted up by shoe size. 

Custom-made orthotics 

Highly specialised medical device that is manufactured from casting or 3D scanning of the patients foot. The device are specifically designed to meet the needs of the clinical presentations of the patient.

At Penguin Podiatry we design and model our own orthotics using a 3D modelling program. This gives our Podiatrist full control of how your orthotics will function and feature. 

Our Process

How it Works

Initial Consultation/Biomechanical Assessment 

       Sensor Plantar Pressure Treadmill

Recommended Orthotic therapy pathway

Prefabricated orthotics

Custom-made orthotics

Orthotic fitting 

Orthotic review

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