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For appointment ​​

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At Penguin Podiatry, you'll experience professional, compassionate Podiatric care designed to get you back on your feet.
Led by Shaun Hopkins, an experienced Podiatrist, our practice is focused on top-quality care in an atmosphere that makes our patients feel at home.
Our goal is to minimize pain, resolve your foot or ankle problem quickly, and keep you moving and enjoying life.

Treadmill with Video Gait Analysis Integrated

Introducing the latest Body Tech Video Gait treadmill, the first of its kind on the Redcliffe Peninsula.
This new system allows a highly accurate diagnosis and assessment of foot and body function.
Visibly seeing how footwear and orthotics can affects a person’s gait
also analysing body stability, posture and biomechanics.
The system calculates foot pressure during standing, walking and running, combined with video,
the Podiatrist can do before and after comparisons as well as slow the video down
to see what the foot, leg, shoes and even orthotics are doing to your gait.
This is ideal for athletes who want to improve their performance.
Improving stability and posture allows efficient use of muscle energy
resulting in less fatigue or strain on the body,
increasing performance and reducing chance of injury.

Below is a short clip showing some of the features and images you can experience with this treadmill.
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  1. Sporting Feet
    Sporting Feet
    Do you have trouble with.... shin splints, heel spurs, planter fasciitis, stress fractures, ingrown nails, smelly feet or need orthotic therapy or advice on sporting shoes
  2. Children's Feet
    Children's Feet
    Does your child..... complain of sore feet and legs, have flat feet, planter warts. Falls or trips often or you just need school footwear advice
  3. Foot Ailments
    Foot Ailments
    Caused by.... Diabetes, ingrown nails, poor circulation, fallen arches, chronic illness, on your feet all day or a work related injury
  4. Ageing Feet
    Ageing Feet
    Do you suffer from.... Corns and callus, cracked heels or thickening nails, arthritis, bunions, loss of sensation or just cant reach your toes to cut your nails
Penguin Podiatry  a family owned clinic, opened in March 2017, the owner and Podiatrist Shaun Hopkins previously operated Kallangur Family Podiatry in Kallangur for over 10 years before selling and opening Podiatry @ Clontarf in the Allied health clinic of the Clontarf Bridge Medical Centre, Clontarf Bayside Plaza.
Now with a new location but still in the Clontarf Bayside Plaza and adorned with the new name Penguin Podiatry, we can offer our customers a better quality of service with a more proficient and streamlined clinic thus making it easier to contact us, make appointments and receive exceptional Podiatric care.
Shaun obtained a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Podiatry from Curtin University, Western Australia in 2001.
Shaun has worked in public and private practices with special interests in sports orthotics, children’s foot problems and diabetic foot health.
He is registered with APHRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) and is a member of the Australasian Podiatry Association and also attends ongoing educations to keep up to date with the latest developments in Podiatry.
Shaun aims to provide quality professional podiatric care in an understanding, friendly and caring environment.