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Ingrown Toe Nail Removal

Ingrown toe nail can be very debilitating. A condition which usually affects the big toe but can occur within any toe. The toenail grows into the skin causing redness, pain and possibly infection.

Ingrown toe nails occur due to

Family hesitances


Inaccurate/poor nail clipping/picking of nail

Inappropriate footwear

Penguin Podiatry

Permanent Ingrown toe nail surgery is highly indicated for:

Chronic Ingrown toenails

Recurring ingrown toe nail infections

Ingrown toe nail that impact quality of life

At Penguin Podiatry our Director/Principal podiatrist Khush has a great interest in helping her patients who suffer from long term ingrown toe nails. 

     Fig 1: Partial Nail Avulsion                           Fig 2:  Full Nail Avulsion

Types of Ingrown toe nail surgeries

Partial Nail Avulsion

A partial nail avulsion (PNA) surgery is a permanent removal of a side of a nail that is ingrowing. The procedure involves the use of local anaesthetic and phenolisation to achieve the best results. 

Total Nail Avulsion

A total nail avulsion (TNA) surgery involves the removal of the full length of the nail that is damaging the skin. This produce is done using local anaesthetic and phenolisation to achieve the best result.

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